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My name is Tyson Veen and I am the President/CEO plus director of digital production services, principle artist, web developer, web designer and so much more here at the TYCOMM.NET COMPANY. I started TYCOMM.NET which stands for the Tyson Communications network in 2001 in order to fulfill the goal of delivering visual communication platforms that artistically deliver a clients message while being visible in top search engines. Our story doesn't actually begin there, I started the first business in 1996 and when starting that I realized website development and design was the more logical business to pursue. I then started building websites for others, working with several small to medium sized companies plus started and continue to build my own websites, Vinylines.com, DragonAutomotive.com and coming soon CollectorGEEK.com. TYCOMM.NET Company has over 15 years years of experience delivering professional visual communications products and services.

Please call for a free consultation on your project M-F 10am to 5pm central standard time. Office hours by appointment only.

Domain Names and Web HostingTYCOMM.NET COMPANY is located in the Valley Office building at 10800 Lyndale Ave S in Bloomington, Minnesota. We offer our products and services nationwide, even globally. All of our services are delivered on a per client basis ensuring your message will not only be delivered but received as well.

Website Development Service

Four main things are necessary to create a successful website. Development, Design, Management and Marketing, there is no particular order as they all overlap to create your online presence. TYCOMM.NET can assist you in the development of your website and web presence, from a single page to an entire internet business we have worked with all types of clients and businesses. We offer you valuable expertise with your sites structure, navigation, design, content and anything else that you need to conduct your business on the Internet.

Website Design Service

Our website design service works with our development service to create a custom one of a kind website that compliments your business or message. We have the ability to design any level of website while making sure that it functions logically and is search engine optimized. Typically we design simple yet highly functional websites that fit within a modest budget however, if you need a more elaborate design or maybe a multimedia based website we can provide that as well.

Website Marketing Services

There is an endless number of website marketing options but it all starts with SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial in getting people to your site organically and we take extensive care when developing and designing your site to include SEO from the beginning. We also suggest running an online Ad campaign, a mapping campaign for local businesses, coupon offerings that can be used for tracking as well as enticing new business or traffic etc. The ways you can market a website is endless and we offer assistance in whatever marketing you wish to pursue.

Website and Content Management Service

We offer website management via our Content and Data Management service. All of our management plans will keep your entire online presence up to date and running smoothly plus a cloud solution with file collaboration. Most clients start with our starter plan which automatically upgrades to the next plan when you reach the plans maximum. Please review each of our management plans to see what currently fits your needs. If your not sure what you need call us and we will provide a solution.

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