Photo of Tyson Veen President/CEO of TYCOMM.NET COMPANYHello my name is Tyson Veen, President and CEO of the TYCOMM.NET COMPANY. I started TYCOMM.NET which once stood for the Tyson Communications Network back in 2001 to fulfill the goal of delivering visual communication platforms that artistically deliver a clients message while being visible in top search engines. Our story doesn't actually begin there, I started the first business in 1996 and when starting that I realized website development and design was the more logical business to pursue. I then started building websites for others, working with several small to medium sized companies plus started and continue to build my own websites including, VINYLINES, www.DECALSandSTENCILS.com and coming soon plastiBUILD a 3D printing and design website plus CollectorGEEK a website for collectors. 

TYCOMM.NET has over 15 years of experience delivering professional visual communications products and services to customers of all types and you can call and talk to us about your project M-F 10 am to 5 pm central standard time and in person meeting can be scheduled as needed. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota we offer our products and services locally, nationwide, even globally. All of our services are delivered on a per client basis ensuring your message will not only be delivered but received as well.

We are forever committed to bettering our services to suite our customers needs which is why we have begun focusing our services on the management, support of websites and the content used to make it function. We are using the Adobe Business Catalyst system as a base platform for our websites and a few custom scripts to make up the websites foundation. This base code can deliver a vast array of websites that are fully scalable from the largest of screens like 4K to the smallest of screens such as the iPhone and wearables.

Last year we introduced the Adobe BC platform which is allowing us to build websites that can be updated by the customer or an authorized agent of the customer. This has become the primary platform of choice for all websites from simple brochure sites to full shopping websites. This change has also allowed us to divided the company separating the graphic design services into it's own entity, also run by Tyson called VINYLINES LLC. VINYLINES is based out of Red Rock, AZ and will provide all graphic and other professional design services for us if needed or can be commissioned separately if you would like please visit www.vinylines.com for more information.

We are including with our website management and support services development of the platform and the code used to deliver websites directly under our management. You can elect to self manage your project but you won;t e able to take advantage of our management service. Have TYCOMM.NET COMPANY manage your website and content and focus your efforts on marketing your products and service staying in contact with your customers and adding to your bottom line.

Please stay tuned as we continue our efforts to update our website and thank you for visiting, 

Tyson Veen