Cloud Storage and Backup

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The cloud is talked about all the time now but what is it and were is it? Without going into all the facts and details the term started as file storage and sharing then quickly became a place for all things including software apps. Chances are you're already using the cloud in some area of your life be it business or personal. We use several cloud based file sharing products to meet the demands of our clients but our primary cloud storage and backup service for all your files is called ShareSync.

File Management

ShareSync is an easy-to-use file management service which also helps secure and manage your critical business data.

ShareSync provides mobile access to files from virtually any device, makes it easy to securely share files inside and outside the company, and backs up files as soon as changes are made.

Employees benefit from being able to access files when they need to and easily share and collaborate on files both inside and outside the company. Business managers will like ShareSync because the comprehensive security features, permissions-based sharing and 99.999% uptime mean there’s no sacrifice in control, security or reliability.

Features Include

File sync. Access to the latest versions of files from desktops, laptops, smart phone, tablets, and the web

File backup. Real-time (not scheduled) backup for user files, including files stored on Desktop and My Documents folder, with quick restore to any previous version

Collaboration. Securely share files and folders both inside and outside the company. Co-edit files in Office and Office Online.

Advanced anti-malware and antivirus protection from Bitdefender. Continuous automatic scanning of files to protect against advanced cyber threats like ransomware.

Business continuity and disaster recovery. ShareSync keeps operations up and running across a number of data loss scenarios, from stolen devices to hardware failure to ransomware outbreaks.

Business grade features. Data is protected by at-rest and in-transit encryption, integrates with Office, Outlook and Office 365, and is backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA.

Backup Solution

ShareSync gives backed up files added benefits of mobile access and the ability to collaborate on files and even co-edit files in real-time.

ShareSync also backs up files as soon as changes are made, which eliminates versioning gaps as files change multiple times during a day.

ShareSync includes anti-malware and antivirus protection while Carbonite, Crashplan and Mozy don’t.

File sync and share

ShareSync is as easy and intuitive to use while offering greater security, control, and integration. ShareSync includes the added benefit of providing file backup and restore capabilities, as well as the ability to prevent the permanent deletion of files

ShareSync provides anti-malware and antivirus while DropBox and Box don’t. Onedrive doesn’t have a leading Antivirus product

Traditional Sharing Tools

ShareSync is easier to use for mobile and traveling employees and offers more efficient collaboration features.

Recipients of files shared with ShareSync will have a simpler time accessing those files. Sharing permissions can be adjusted at any time.

ShareSync provides anti-malware and antivirus while file servers don’t.