Hosted Exchange Email

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Email is essential in communicating with customers, vendors and all your business contacts. Business email powered by Microsoft exchange helps employees to be more effective and productive by combining flexibility and mobility. Exchange email from Microsoft works across all devices and is cloud based so you can access it on the web anytime.

Benefits of 

On-the-go productivity
Business is no longer confined to the office. Exchange is designed specifically for touchscreens, mobile usability and offline productivity. It helps ensure your employees can be efficient regardless of location or device—even when they are offline.

Save Money
There’s no need to purchase servers and license software, or spend weeks building or upgrading your infrastructure. With a predictable monthly per-user fee, you offload the costs of an on-premises deployment.

Enhance core collaboration tools
As the world’s leading platform, Exchange unifies business email, calendar, contacts and other Microsoft® applications. It provides your employees with all the tools they need to work and collaborate with other colleagues. They can do it their way—where, when and how they want to.

Robust security and reliability
The Exchange + Compliance & Security plan is designed to provide a comprehensive encryption solution to help ensure your confidential communications are safe, secure, and comply with state and federal legislation. In addition to that, it offers backup and file sharing PLUS restore capabilities.

Facilitate Compliance with HIPPA, SOX, FRCP, GLBA, FINRA, NYSE and others.

Exchange + Office

A business can not run without generating documents and spreadsheets. Exchange with Office apps allows your business full access to the power of Microsft Word, Excel and of course Outlook for email. All apps are cloud based so you can access them at anytime via the web.