Management & Support Service

Website Management and Support

Our management and support service makes sure your website  is up to date and functioning properly. It also offers content and data management by means of a set of processes and technologies that support the management, collection, archiving, and publishing of information in any form or medium. The content/data we manage is primarily published to websites or social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google but it can also be for print publications, film, tv etc.

We have developed and will continue to develop our own unique code that drives your website. This is offered exclusively to our managed clients and offers the most cost effective way to maintain your website which is the foundation to any good online presence.

Content/Data Management

Cloud Storage Systems

Cloud Data Storage A successful online presence requires large amounts of content and all that content needs storage space and a person to manage it. All your content is made available via secure cloud technology and gives you access to all your data when and where you need it. You can even share and interact with your customers/clients in the same cloud environment you use to store your other business files.

We use two service providers to accomplish the best management service. The first system is provided by Box and is the primary cloud storage platform which offers a secure environment plus file encryption which is excellent for archiving and storing all kinds of files. The second system is provided by Dropbox and is used for all working files that need to be updated frequently or unstable for the Box system. When combined it offers the best data/content solution.

Website Management

Code and Hosting Platform

We will manage your website and content plus provide updates to the core code structure that makes up the website that uses our unique web coding. Website hosting is provided by Adobe using one of their pre packaged Business Catalyst plans. Please see our pricing page for BC system pricing and website Business System for platform information.

We can also manage your websites domain name making sure it points correctly to your domain. The Adobe BC System does not require the purchase of a separate SSL certificate which saves cost. There is an option for the use of your own SSL if needed.