Website, Management and Production Pricing

TYCOMM.NET Pricing Page

Our pricing page is broken down into three sections. First is the platform that is needed to host your website, shopping cart, email, blog, forum etc. Second is our optional website management service that will help you manage and operate a successful website. Our third section is the hourly production rate for services not include in the management such as site.

Additional services such as getting your domain name are also required and we offer that solution through our affiliated site called As part of our management service we will assist you with getting and maintaining your domain name. You are responsible for the monthly or yearly fees.

Services such as graphic design, photography, illustration, logo design are not included in our management plans so that you can use whomever you want to provide this content or we can provide these services via our tiered production service rate.


Website Hosting Platform

Adobe Business Catalyst Pricing


$23.09 per month

Platform Includes:

Content Management
In Browser Editing
Site Analytics
Web Forms
Social Media Sharing
Phone & Tablet Support
SFTP & File Manager
Hosted email accounts
Dynamic menu builder


$43.98 per month

Everything included in webBasics plus you get:

Targeted email marketing
Blogging engine
Customer database
Community forums
Built-in modules:
Ad Rotators
Photo Galleries


$76.99 per month

Everything included in webMarketing plus you get:

E-commerce Platform
Business Reporting
Event Bookings
Custom Web Apps

Pricing is controlled by Adobe® and subject to change without notice. You pay via credit card monthly or yearly. Sign up for the free trial and then you will have the ability to upgrade. If your looking for someone to do this all for you, scroll down and sign up for our management plan.


What You Get

  • • Use your own domain name
  • • Up to 10 IMAP emails with Webmail
  • • 1GB of website storage
  • • 1TB of bandwidth per month
  • • Administer up to 3 system users
  • • Unlimited number of web pages and templates
  • • Site analytics and platform reporting
  • • Secure web hosting - No SSL required
  • • Online support resources

Management and Support Service Pricing

Management PLAN Primary Photo SALE
$199.95 PLAN-1

Management PLAN

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We will keep your website and its platform operating and fully supported with our professional website management service.

As a separate service you can cancel anytime without disrupting your website or it's platform allowing you to self manage in the future if you wish.

Credit card required to process the monthly fee. Does not include any registrar services, graphic design, photography, illustration or other design related services.

What You Get

  • • Website Management and Support
  • • Content / Data Management and Support
  • • Adobe Business Catalyst Platform Management and Support
  • • Cloud Storage Systems Management and Support

Hourly Production Service Rate

Tier 1


Hourly Production Rate for 1-2 Hours

Tier 2


Hourly Production Rate for Hours 2-5

Tier 3


Hourly Production Rate for Hours 5+

Hourly rate applies to each block of hours and is billed monthly for large projects and upon completion for projects taking less than 30 days.

What You Get

  • Extended Content/Data Management
  • Application Development
  • Advanced Web/App Coding
  • BC Platform Training
  • Design Services

If your looking for a single source website design and development service we can provide this using the tiered pricing system and working with our preferred designers, coders and other vendors.